Founded more than two decades ago with solid jewelry designing experience, The Yeowoon started in 1998, in a quintessential alley of Jongno, synonymously known as the golden heart of Seoul, South Korea.

The Yeowoon designs are exquisitely handmade from our workshop in Seoul, focus on quality and precision instead of mass production.


Since our inception, we have gained wide recognition for our excellent crafts and skill from local and international markets.

Cool Jewelry, S.Tree, and Suritree are one of the several brands managed under The Yeowoon.

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Nature Inspired

SURITREE appealing design combines natures contour and soft shades of gemstones. Together, it forms a harmonized series of high-quality feminine jewelry. 


Gorgeous. Luxury.


Cool series are excellent jewelry pieces that can be sold alone and wholesale.

Our designs are like none other, unique, defined on its own and registered.


Dazzling. Stylish. 

S. Tree is a premium, deep royal blue series exquisitely designed with diamond and elegant semi-precious stone known as Lapiz Lazuli.